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The Strange Woman

A lovely woman comes suddenly in sight;

Her lively eyes, full and black, cheeks

Brown and bright like the day; a tunic of red,

And a pure countenance that made her men obey.

She speaks in gentle tones, in words like sweet honey,

From a mouth smoother than oil.

She made the Stars and Sun fall out of sight,

She made Man forget his loneliness.

With Pleasures only to let borrow, Man forgets

His sadness, his sorrow.

Like smooth butter, she speaks, “Lie with me.

Let’s delight ourselves with love. My husband

has gone and will not return for many days.”

With soft enticing speech, her words were like

Drawn swords.

As a bird dashes to a snare, like a lamb to the slaughter,

Man did not know she would cost him his life.

The Silent Screams

Echoes of soul tie sounds

Ringing in your ear.

Remembrance of the pain, 

A memory of the frustration.

A fence of bad memories that 

Render you lifeless.

Separated from the Architect of Light,

Now sucking from the breast of Darkness.“

Where is the sun?

Where is the Light?

Did they die too?” 

The silence of your suffering.

Like a vagabond in the land,

Searching to be heard.

Forever toiling for your existence

In a world seeking to keep you invisible. 

Like those closest to you, Serenity leaves.


A spirit of bondage, sifting through the crisp

Air. Trapped in the cage of your mind,

 The voices shouting, “Your name is Forgotten.” 


You cannot see what lies in front

Of your eyes; escape is at your reach.

 Stuck in the muck and the mire of yesterday.

Crying for help, gasping for peace, 

Wishing for the fog of torment

To clear. 


Pushing past your jaded mind, so

you call for help. Now in a world of wells that

you cannot escape. 


You scratch and pound at the door of salvation

to make a sound.


Who will hear your silent screams? 

This is for my Enemy

Dear Enemy, 

Look at me now. Look at my success that changes everything now. You thought I wouldn’t make it, so you spent time giving me your negativity and your discouragement. I remember when you pretended to be my friend. I trusted you, told you all my secrets, and you took all of my trust and stepped on it. You took me for granted and used me to like a cheap prostitute on the side of a corner. The only difference is, I wasn’t getting paid.

You said that I should give up and kill myself. Well, here is my glass of victory that I hold in my hand. Cheers! I say, with my middle finger raised high while I sip from my glass in your direction. I want you to see me. I want you to realize that I’m not who you thought I was. All of your efforts to destroy me were futile. I may have been beaten, tattered and torn by your words and actions, but see me now. Here, I stand in your presence still alive and well. I am successful, I am diligent, and I am prosperous. So read on because this is for all the times you talked about me behind my back. This is for all the times you said you’d be there, and you never were. This is for all the times you called me friend, and quickly became my betrayer.

I have a Master’s degree now. I still made it through school even after you called me “stupid”.

I have a car now, even after you said I would never learn to drive. My car is expensive by the way, it’s the newest model. Just thought you’d like to know.

I’m getting married soon. I’ve been dating my fiancé for four years now. I remember when you said I was too “fugly” to ever meet anyone. I heard you were still single?

I will be sending you an invite to my wedding. I want you to sit in the front row so you can watch. So you can watch my happiness take its toll.

You were an evil disease. But now you are nothing. Your only purpose was to bring me down so you can feel better about yourself. But now I’m on top. Where are you?  

Sincerely and with much affection, 
Esteban Pitre

***Fictional statements were made. I am not married, and I don’t  have a successful car etc

Fallen Angel

First attempt at a sonnet for one of my workshops. No real concrete imagery here, but the rhyme scheme is on point with 10 syllables to each line. 

Haunted by the Spirit of song and dance,
Lone in an unalterable gloom.
Thief! The Swindler of divine romance,
Son of the morning, harbinger of doom.

Mangling unvarnished truth to victimize.
Limping about in a presumptuous state.
Carries a creed of slurs to hypnotize.     
With his withered hand he cannot create.

Toiling with the sons and daughters of light.
This great accuser, his days are numbered.
The oppressor will cease from his plight.
His touch of their hearts, a hand encumbered.

Like the garment of those who are now slain,
Now casted out in great disdain.

Soul Mate from Afar

From afar he assumes what is meant to be. “She is my soul mate!” He cries in silence. “For we shall meet as the moon meets the night sky. We shall touch just as the winds kiss the midday skies. We shall embrace one another just as the flower lilies stay stuck to the earth.” He sings songs confessing his love for her but she turns her face. Even in failure he does not relinquish his efforts. He hears her steps drawing nearer to him; he yearns for her response in hopes of recognition. As he bellows her name saying, “Here I am!” she does not hearken to his voice. He is but a simple whisper in the very air that blows against her face. Loudly, again he cries, “Here I am!” yet she walks onward. In his third attempt he shouts, “My lady, your prince awaits you. I am he that which you seek. Turn your head that you may see a man after your own heart.” His speech is salted as it is purified with honesty and in truth. 

“Shall I stand here in your presence any longer? Must I take my own life that you may see your prince finally? I race after your love before the setting of the sun. Will you return to my embrace? See that I may not linger much longer. Tarry not into my arms, for my steps will be quick, my heart will be hard and cold.
Remember me. See me”

The Voice

She is the voice that whispers in your ear when you don’t want her too. Sometimes she’s a hollow scream echoing in your ear; a deafening shriek. She longs to draw out the sounds & feelings of success. This is a promiscuous and conniving woman longing for your embrace, your gentle touch. She needs the attention only you can give her. She can’t grow without you. She has a name, but she is a woman of many titles. She works best when you are in your lowest state of mind; when you feel you can’t continue on anymore. She is a loser’s best friend, seeking to strip that individual of any hope and dignity. She is there to feed your negativity, she is the arch nemesis of your success. She is the voice of failure. 

Failure is a jealous woman who wants you all to herself. She becomes enraged when you attempt to leave her side for the voices of positivity, joy, and success. This lying witch coerces you to leave your destiny and she strips you of your hope and strength. Time and time again, you play into her hands and you give yourself over to it. When you’re faced with a circumstance of confusion, she’s there to shout to into your ear, “Stop! Give up!”

Where this voice is present in our lives, there is another voice that we often ignore. However, we need her more than ever. She is destiny. She is positivity. She is the voice of success.

This woman is the one you don’t notice, the one you walk past because you’re blinded by distractions and circumstances. She is the opportunity of a lifetime, but you slap away her helping hand. Men, she was the girl at the party that you paid no attention to out of fear. You were too nervous to speak with her. She’s the girl you never walked up to and said “hello”. Women, she is the guest in your home that you never cooked and cleaned for. She’s the one you never embraced, you never nurtured, the one you probably never paid any attention to.

Success is like that woman most guys are afraid to speak to because we listen to the voice of failure. We give into our negativity and all things tied to failure. We’re afraid that what we have, all our efforts and words won’t be enough. Questions like, “How am I going to do this?” reside in your minds. Success can often be a given opportunity, but we slap opportunity in the face because we fear of not knowing how it’s going to turn out. We often betray our potential, when we choose to listen to the negative report. Often times that negative report enters through our best friends, family members, or even teachers.

You were made to be successful in all that you do. Don’t listen to the voice of failure. The only reason she presents herself is because you invite her in with your spoken words. Remember, in your mouth, you have the power of life and death. I have a saying that I abide by, “if you feed it, it will grow. If you starve it, it will die.” Stop giving life to this witch, to this seducing woman, and embrace destiny, welcome success. Walk in victory and be a conqueror and you shall succeed in all that you do. I know the road before you may look bleak, or maybe you believe your talent isn’t good enough, or maybe you can’t fathom what’s going to happen next. Good. They say you have to go through hell to get to heaven, but that doesn’t mean you need to stay in hell. If you’re sitting around waiting for the next profound thing to come your way, then you’re no different than a car sitting in a garage. To get anywhere, you have to put the key in ignition, and move forward.

Don’t wait for people to hand you success, seek after it. It’s yours. So take it. 

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